Call to Artists for Smithridge STEM Elementary School Mural

April 15, 2019 @ 12:00 am – 11:45 pm
Smithridge Elementary School
4801 Neil Road

Project Summary

Smithridge STEM Academy in Reno, NV is looking for an artist or group of artists to design and
complete a mural with various symbols, maps, and landscapes of the Great Basin region and/or
the state of Nevada. The symbols and landscapes will be selected from a school-wide writing
competition. We are not looking for a textbook representation of our region, rather a creative and
vibrant style that brings cohesion to the content chosen by students.
Smithridge STEM Academy is a public K-5 school. This purpose of this project is to promote and
engage student learning about science, geography, and the regions of Nevada while developing
persuasive writing skills. The subject of the mural will represent a diverse array of symbols,
people and places that represent our region.

Project Description

We are looking for one artist or an artist who would like to assemble a team to complete the
project. We would like to include symbols and landscapes (to be selected by the students), with
an engaging and unique composition. We are looking for artists who will interact with students,
potentially speaking to them, working with the winning students and designing/assisting with
parts of the mural for students to participate in painting. Ideally, the artist would work on parts of
the mural during school hours so the students can see the painting process.

Site Plans

The wall faces west and is on the side of our school playground. There are three main faces of the
wall with two bathrooms on either side of the central wall. Measurements and picture are shown


There is a budget range from $2,000-$4,000 depending on proposal and experience. The project
funding must cover all expenses related to the design, engagement with students, and installation
of the artwork. We are looking for high quality work and an individual/group to help inspire
students both from the process and product of the work. We want to support the work of artists in
our community while simultaneously using our funding wisely, if a lower bid is practical or an
artist is willing to donate some time, we will strongly consider this in the proposal.

Application Requirements

Please include in your application email:
 A sample portfolio that includes experience with landscapes and animals
 A short description of your experience working with youth
 A vision for the project
 List of paint brands you work with (for school district protocol)
We are looking to choose artist(s) by April 24, 2019 and would like the project to be completed
in late May to early June, but can be flexible with painting dates.
After Selection

 Selected artist(s) must complete a Washoe County School District Independent
Contractors Agreement and provide an I9 tax form.
 Selected artist(s) must meet with Washoe County School District representatives to
review regulations for work on campus.

For more information, to see the site, or to submit a project proposal, please contact Cori

Zancanella at or 775.351.8972

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