Hot Spot THROUGH THE WEEK OF Dec. 8, 2015


Three women. Three variations on abstract art, showcasing work in different media.

“Three Textures” is the current exhibition of works by Carol Gove, Louise Forbush and Eleanor McCain at Stremmel Gallery. The works by these three women make a strong impact and flow nicely through the gallery.  

Carol Gove’s vibrant, large-scale paintings blend painting and found materials to form abstract expressionism. Louise Forbush uses calligraphy, gold leaf, scraps of fabrics, bits of reed, worn woods, and other found materials in her small collages. Her work is full of texture, rich colors with Japanese influences. Eleanor McCain, an Internal Medicine physician in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, creates large-scale quilts to form intricate, multicolored designs.

I encourage you to see these beautiful variations of abstract art.

What:  “Three Textures”

When: Through Dec 19

Where: Stremmel Gallery, 1400 S. Virginia St