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When we took over Art Spot Reno last year, our mission was to build a website dedicated to promoting and providing an online voice for the Reno arts community. We wanted to be the main portal for accessing information about what’s happening in Reno’s dynamic arts scene.

In order to do that, we wanted to have a thorough calendar listing of events. We’ve got that! I heard someone recently say we’re focused on visual art. Well, that’s not true. In addition to visual art, there’s music, dance, theater, film, literary, culinary, fashion, performance and Burner arts. Currently, we’ve got more than 1,150 items in the calendar. No one, whether local, visiting or planning their next trip to Reno, should say there’s nothing to do. We started the slogan More Art Everywhere for good reason!

Accessing information about Reno’s arts scene means more than offering a calendar. It means providing information about local artists. Thanks to a generous donation from The Great Western Marketplace, we’ve started an artist registry. We hope businesses looking for artists will use it as a resource. Although the list of visual artists is very long, we want this list to include actors, singers, musicians, dancers and writers. So, if you’re name isn’t listed in the registry, let us know and we’ll remedy that.

But it’s not going to stop here. We’re already working on the next offering on the website. I’m super excited, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I hope you’ll use Art Spot Reno to find out what’s going on around town and who are your local artists. And drop me a line, letting me know what you think. I appreciate feedback.

Geralda Miller, Curator

Geralda Miller, Curator

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    • Waynoe
      Waynoe says:

      Nothing gives Reno a more enduring and more widely appreciated character than the best of human performance on display, this does Reno and humankind proud.


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